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Convert Your Cell Site Lease
Into Immediate Capital

If you collect rent payments from a cell tower lease or cell site lease, you might not be receiving the maximum benefit from your property. At TowerPoint Capital, we ensure you receive full value for your cellular site and partner with you to maximize future revenue potential. Since 2007 we’ve provided site owners immediate capital and structured payments for their wireless leases. By converting your lagging rental income into a substantial upfront payment, we can help you:

• Pursue new investments
• Pay down debt
• Eliminate Risk

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Professional Site Management
By Wireless Real Estate Experts

Our goal is to align our long term incentives with those of our landlord partners. The lease purchase is only the beginning of TowerPoint’s “more profitable partnership”. Our powerful 360° Valuation allows us to identify potential opportunities to drive new revenue to your wireless real estate as well as possibilities to enhance the terms and economics of the existing lease agreements. TowerPoint’s Professional Site Management offers a comprehensive Scope of Services (SOS) designed to alleviate the pressures of managing the cell site and extract maximum value to benefit our partnership with you wherever and whenever possible.

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Industry Knowledge:

At TowerPoint Capital “Knowledge” of our industry is paramount to successful partnerships. Sharing our deep industry knowledge with our landlord and corporate partners is a key part of the firm’s process. Our goal is to help our partners make more profitable decisions. Let us assist you with your cellular tower lease or rooftop cell site. Additionally TowerPoint offers professional cell site management services including cell tower leasing, cell site valuation, cell site lease negotiation and advisory services for site owner’s working with cell tower companies. The TowerPoint team has long standing relationships with wireless service providers and cell phone tower companies that help create lasting value for site owners like you with a cell phone tower lease. There are approximately 300,000 cell tower leases in the US today and that figure is expected to grow to 500,000 by 2020. TowerPoint shares knowledge about the industry in real time through our wireless news portal. Please visit our news portal today to learn how the latest happening might impact your cell site lease.

About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint's leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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