Cell Site Owners Looking to Sell This Year Need to Act Quickly. Here’s Why.

October 31: Deadline for 2023 Transactions

As the year’s final quarter unfolds, TowerPoint is witnessing a surge of cell site owners actively pursuing transactions before year-end. While the decision to sell ultimately comes down to individual timing and circumstance, there are two primary factors behind this accelerated activity:

  • Optimal Pricing: Capitalizing on aggressive pricing as demand for cell towers and wireless leases near all-time highs
  • Tax Implications: Safeguarding transaction proceeds from potential tax code changes in the upcoming election year

We are actively advising site owners who wish to transact before year-end to enter into agreements as soon as possible. The Q4 surge is likely to cause delays with industry due diligence vendors. This, along with longer lead times from banks reviewing SNDAs, can significantly extend an otherwise 30-45 day closing timeframe.

Considering these factors, TowerPoint has set a firm cutoff date of October 31, 2023, for site owners with year-end closing requirements on or before December 31, 2023.