Determining the Highest and Best Use of Wireless Real Estate

At TowerPoint, our goal is to share our knowledge and experience to help cell site owners answer the question “should I sell”. While the decision to sell can vary for different property owners, over the years we’ve found that choosing to sell is common, rational and comes down to timing and circumstances.

Long-Term Partnership With Cell Site Owners

Partnership Transparency

We ensure cell site owners understand TowerPoint’s role in digital infrastructure over the last two decades, and what it means
for their cell site.

Goal Alignment

We collaborate with cell site owners
to determine the short-term and long-term goals for underlying property(ies).

Comprehensive Lease Audit

We provide a thorough lease audit, identifying potential risks and opportunities for cell site owners.

Experienced Asset Management

With more than 20 years in the industry,
 we provide unparalleled expertise and industry knowledge to effectively manage the telecommunications tenants.

Who We Serve

Powered by an experienced team of industry experts, TowerPoint helps commercial real estate owners, private landowners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations to determine the highest and best use of their wireless real estate assets.

Commercial Property Owners

Whether you’re currently receiving rental income from a cell tower or rooftop antenna installation on your property(ies) or engaged in negotiations for a cell tower lease, TowerPoint provides results-driven solutions and asset management services for a broad spectrum of commercial real estate owners. Our team has successfully partnered with thousands of commercial real estate properties spanning a diverse set of categories including office, multi-family, hospitality, retail, warehouse/industrial, life sciences and digital infrastructure.

Private Property Owners

Whether the cell site is located at a residence or small business, private property owners can gain substantial benefits by converting a wireless lease into a lump-sum payment. This process provides significant cash that can be used to address near-term opportunities or achieve long-term goals. Moreover, it alleviates the management burdens often associated with hosting a cellular tower site, which can be particularly draining for individual property owners.

Government & Municipalities

TowerPoint has a long history of being awarded RFPs from municipalities throughout the US. We work with public entities of all sizes to provide immediate capital while creating value through our dedicated Asset Management team, freeing up critical resources needed for other public services.

By monetizing their digital assets (e.g., cell towers, cell site leases, etc.) into a lump-sum payment or a multi-year structured payout, public entities are able to address budget-funding gaps, fund capital improvements, or strengthen programs.

Nonprofits & Faith-based Organizations

Many nonprofit and faith-based organizations choose to convert their cellular lease(s) into a lump sum cash payment, providing them with valuable resources to support charitable projects and missions, fund capital improvements, and bridge spending gaps. Furthermore, by removing the hassles associated with managing cell site leases, they can dedicate their focus towards fulfilling their mission in the community.

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