Three Questions That Cell Site Owners Should Consider


TowerPoint believes that the first and most important step in determining whether to sell your cell site lease is to establish that selling is, in fact, the highest and best use of the underlying property.

There are three questions cell site owners should consider when determining the best use for their wireless real estate assets:

  1. What are your plans (near, medium and long term) for the underlying property?
  2. What would a comprehensive audit of your lease reveal in terms of potential risks and/or opportunities?
  3. What’s happening in the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications and media that could impact wireless networks and your cell site(s)?

Through this initial discovery, TowerPoint can help determine if it makes sense to simply hold on or to move to the next step with our complimentary lease consultations. As the wireless industry is rapidly evolving due tot the 5G deployment and broadband expansion, connect with TowerPoint for a complimentary lease consultation. 

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