Cell Site

When a landlord makes the decision to submit their site to a cell site management company for valuation, the company will decide whether the property is suitable for the installation of a tower or not. Once the suitability of the site has been confirmed, the company will then decide what type of tower will be most suitable to place there. While most sites are in the form of regular masts or rooftop sites, others can sometimes be more unusual.

Camouflaged Cell Sites

In areas where aesthetic appearance is of paramount importance, cell towers can be disguised in order to blend in with their surroundings. For example, when a cell tower needs to be erected in an area that is known for its natural beauty, the tower can be disguised to look like a tree that will blend in with the surroundings. In cases where camouflage is essential for the safety of the tower, the mast can be disguised in the form of a chimney, lamp post or even a flag pole.

Off-Grid Cellular Sites

These days, cell phones owners expect to have a decent signal no matter which part of the country they are in. This sometimes makes it is necessary to erect a tower on a location that is not connected to a traditional power grid. In cases like this, the most common ways of obtaining power for these sites will be via a backup generator system or through a wind turbine power generation system. It is important to remember that because these sites are not connected to a traditional power grid, they may require additional maintenance from time to time.

How Location can Affect the Value of Cell Sites

If a particular cell site is in demand by a cellular network, it could result in them paying a higher price to use the site. This will result in significantly increased revenue for the landlord as well as the cell tower management company. Factors that will be taken into consideration before you lease a cell site will include, but not be limited to, ease of access to the site, elevation of the site and the amount of subscribers that will benefit from having an additional site in the immediate area.

If you are a landlord that is considering leasing your property to a cell site management company, there is no obligation if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions offered to you. Submit your cell site information for a complimentary valuation by clicking here.


Cell Site Evaluation

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