What Smart Devices Mean for Future of Wireless


According to Global Market Insights, the rapid increase of the Internet of Things (IoT) and increased adoption of smart connected devices are driving service providers to move data center facilities closer to the network edge.

In the Edge Data Center Market Report, this rapid change could affect the future of wireless in three ways:

  • The need to enhance the efficiency of content delivery infrastructure and improve local connectivity.
  • Enable processing and manage increasing volume of data, overcome intermittent connections, reduce latency, and compute data close to the end-users.
  • Benefits offered by these facilities are increasing their construction in remote locations, providing several growth benefits to the market.

As technology changes and wireless carriers keep up with the deployment of 5G and demands for more data, wireless carriers are building more efficient and innovative sites to provide better and faster service to their subscribers, which could have an impact on traditional cell sites. 

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