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Sprint Cutting $1 Billion in Costs by Relocating Radio Towers

Atlanta, GA March 18, 2016 -Sprint Inc., the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, is enacting a plan to reduce its spending by a billion U.S. dollars. This cost cutting venture is to occur by transposing its radio towers from private properties to land that is owned by the government.

This transfer is due to the considerably lower charges levied by the government on their land. This decision was sparked by the six consecutive years that Sprint has reported losses. The telecom company hopes to reduce its operating costs by a further $1 billion U.S. dollars. The company has been leasing land from Crown Castle International Corp and American Tower Corp. It is theorized that the Newport Beach cell tower company,Mobilitie, would be the provider of the new leases. Mobilitie finances, installs, and maintains all the technology that is responsible for the operations of telecommunications companies.

Some of the largest expenses that Sprint has been incurring has been the tower leases from Crown Castle and American Tower. The costs include the renting of the area on which the towers are built. There is additional expense with the cellular technology that is required for the towers. Sprint is responsible for purchasing the gear as well as maintaining it. These expense combined have resulted in significant losses for the U.S. telecom company.

Sprint is also hoping to elevate its standing within the telecom hierarchy. It is aiming for the second and the top spot among the other telecom companies. The company is attempting to improve their services while simultaneously cutting costs by another $1 billion. The parting of ways between Sprint and their lessors, Crown Castle and American Tower, has resulted in a decrease of their share prices. All three companies experienced a considerable downturn in their shares once the news broke. As one of the nation’s largest wireless landlords,TowerPoint Capital has a vested interest in tracking the latest news and trends in wireless real estate. To learn more about how your cell site might be affected by these and other developments, call us today.

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