Four Benefits of a Cell Site Lease Buyout


As the telecommunications and media industry rapidly advances due to nationwide 5G deployment and with a substantial increase in data usage, there may be a significant impact to nationwide wireless networks. The industry’s change could affect cell site landlords – opening up opportunities for a cell site lease buyout allowing landlords to achieve personal and professional financial goals.

There are four reasons cell site owners should consider selling their wireless real estate assets:

  • Strong Values: As 5G deployment ramps up, this maybe an opportune time for many cell site landlords to maximize their lease while the values remain strong and multiples are at historical highs.
  • Immediate Capital: By converting wireless leases into immediate capital, many landlords have used the funding for new investment opportunities, reducing or eliminating debt or supporting business and personal financial goals.
  • Transfer Risk: With a cellular lease(s), there could be a risk of rent reduction, site relocation or decommissioning. Although the risks may be relatively low, the high risk is in opportunity cost.
  • Gain Tax Advantages: By selling their cell site lease(s), wireless landowners can substantially lower their effective tax rate.

This industry evolution may impact cell site landlords, and the current economic climate presents an opportune time for commercial real estate owners, private landowners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations to consider the the highest and best use of the underlying property(ies).

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