Cell Site Lease Types

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Jesse M. Wellner

There are two types of common cell site leases. A ground lease and a rooftop lease.

Ground Lease

This is a standard lease agreement between a carrier and a landlord. A ground lease specifies how much land will be dedicated to the cell site, and the agreement outlines the carrier’s access to and from the lease area.

Typically, carriers and tower companies will need approximately 100’x100’ of available space for a cell site ground lease; however, in some cases, cellular providers might be able to work with a space that is only 300 square feet total area.

Rooftop Lease

A rooftop cellular lease is when the carrier does not own the structure in which they wish to install their equipment. Therefore, the carrier needs to enter a lease agreement with the owner of the building so that they can acquire permission to install cellular antennas and equipment on the building’s rooftop.

Rooftop leases are especially popular in locations with high population density with the need for high-bandwidth capacity. Many large buildings now utilize rooftop leases for additional income, and as the need for cellular service continues to increase, it’s likely that the number of rooftop leases will continue to grow.

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