Empowering Opportunity-Highest and Best Use Analysis

TowerPoint believes that the first and most important step in determining whether to sell your cell site lease is to establish that selling is in fact the highest and best use of the underlying property.  We engage with clients to find answers to the following questions.

What are your near, medium and long term plans for the underlying property?
What can a comprehensive audit of your lease reveal in terms of potential risks and or opportunity?
What’s happening in the rapidly evolving world of Telecommunications and Media that could impact wireless networks and your cell site?

Connect with TowerPoint to receive a best use analysis of your cell site lease! Learn more about the ins and outs of your lease language from what makes it valuable to what are the inherent risks.

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What is a cell site Lease Buyout?

A cell site Lease Buyout or buyout is a real property transaction where a landlord sells an interest in the cell site location and assigns the lease to a buyer in exchange for financial consideration.


There are a multitude of factors to consider when determining the value of a cell site lease. Tenant credit, criticality of location, rent level and escalation are just some of the variables taken into account when assigning a value to a lease.


*A cell site Lease Buyout with TowerPoint allows the landlord to maintain 100% ownership of their property and does not limit their ability to operate their property and transfer their ownership in the future.

Cell Site Lease Buyout Process

If you collect rent payments from a cell tower or rooftop lease or you’re in lease negotiations.
TowerPoint can help in three Empowering, Informative and Efficient steps.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3