Executive Summary

Mr. Cecil Little, a successful real estate entrepreneur and owner of AAA Storage property, was already in preliminary negotiations with a competitor regarding the tower on his property. After speaking with TowerPoint, Mr. Little developed a high level of confidence based on the firm’s extensive industry knowledge, flexible deal structures and access to capital. In an effort to mitigate risk and add to his cash position for future investments, Mr. Little capitalized on the opportunity to sell his wireless lease and invest instead in more secure, long-term assets.


As an experienced businessman, Mr. Little understood the uncertainties and risks within the wireless industry. With mergers and consolidations being a consistent theme, he was concerned about the future of his wireless asset. As a result, he was looking to exchange his lagging rental income into a substantial upfront payment to allow him to pursue new investments.

The TowerPoint Solution

Despite already being in conversations with another lease buyout firm, Mr. Little was ultimately looking for a firm that would provide the best value for his wireless lease and a partnership for the future.

TowerPoint provided:

• A competitive monetary value for the cell site.
• Flexibility to meet his unique needs.
• Legal and financial assistance to get the transaction closed in a timely manner.
• A partnership, alleviating the pressures of managing his wireless real estate through a Site Management Agreement.

TowerPoint understood Mr. Little’s unique needs and provided a competitive monetary value for his wireless lease. Throughout the process, Mr. Little relied on TowerPoint’s expertise to address any questions.


With the capital from his wireless real estate, Mr. Little was able to invest back into his self-storage business and into various other investments. In addition to the immediate capital, Mr. Little entered into a TowerPoint Cell Site Management Agreement. As a partner, he can continue to rely on TowerPoint for longer-term management of his wireless real estate so he can focus on his self-storage business.