Executive Summary

Global Assist Campus, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the sole focus of practicing ministry. It’s objective was to partner with a firm that could:

• Provide a comprehensive site valuation on the ministry’s wireless real estate assets

• Provide a competitive lump sum of capital for its existing tenant lease, in order to raise capital for much-needed building renovations

• Eliminate the risk of site decommissioning caused by technological advancements and industry consolidation

The TowerPoint Solution:

With a proven past track record of mutually-benefitting partnerships, TowerPoint generated a tailored solution addressing Global Assists’ objectives. The firm provided them with the lump sum payment for their cell site, and also structure the transaction to eliminate the ministry’s exposure to site decommissioning and secure the wireless real estate for the long term.


TowerPoint was able to:

• Provide appropriate analysis on the current value of the wireless real estate utilizing a comprehensive site valuation.

• Maximize and purchase the existing tenant lease at its highest value

• Complete the transaction in a transparent and timely manner, and ensure that the organization would retain good relations with existing tenants.

“TowerPoint offered the unique benefits of experience, a past proven track record, and professionalism.”

-Dan Kreider, Director, Global Assist.