Executive Summary

After receiving multiple offers for a cell site lease buyout, Living Way Foursquare Church (Living Way) partnered with TowerPoint to take over their cell site lease. Having past experiences with similar companies and receiving below-market offers, TowerPoint was able to provide a clear and straight forward approach to a successful cell site lease buyout, which included its site management agreement.


Living Way received many offers from competitors who gave standard messages and below market value offers that did not address the needs of the organization. After these encounters, Living Way wanted to sell their lease to a company that understood its financial goals and offered fair market value for their cell site asset(s).

The TowerPoint Solution

Leading with its industry knowledge and professionalism, TowerPoint provided Living Way a clear and sincere experience with a thorough discovery process and customized lease buyout proposal that served Living Way’s needs. In addition to the lease purchase, Living Way received site management benefits to support tower maintenance and upgrades. As their partner, TowerPoint assisted and finalized the upgrade to ensure the tower’s long-term viability.


With the funding from their wireless lease, Living Way built new churches and finance more missions. As a TowerPoint partner, the firm provided capital for the church’s future plans and goals, and actively managed its wireless real estate through the firm’s cell site management agreement.