Executive Summary

Parc East Condominiums is a 283-unit complex located in Alexandria, VA. The homeowner’s association (HOA) had leased a portion of their rooftop to T-Mobile in 2000, and decided it was time to take advantage of the current market for wireless real estate assets. The HOA representatives saw an opportunity to sell at a premium that would generate cash reserves to fund a capital improvement. Parc East worked with TowerPoint and was able to receive top value for the cell site; build the HOA’s cash reserves; and create new revenue opportunities for the property’s rooftop space. 

By selling its cell site leases, Parc East Condominiums wanted to achieve the following: 

  • Build cash reserves – The association was seeking to create cash reserves for upcoming capital improvements to the property. 
  • Sell at premium market value – Due to the current market demand, the property owner wanted trade its T-Mobile lease for top value. 
  • Transfer risk – Understand the risk and challenges in the current lease and transfer the liability to a more sophisticated party.  
  • Partnership – Work with a company that had an alignment of interests of the cell site owner and understanding of the telecom industry. 


By working with TowerPoint, Parc East received a tailored cell site buyout that fully monetized its T-Mobile lease, created instant cash reserves and retained the opportunity to share in future revenue. The funds will be used for property enhancing  improvements and repairs. Additionally, Parc East was able to transfer 100% of the risk associated with the lease to TowerPoint, which is now a long-term partner they can rely on to manage all their wireless real estate needs going forward.  


“The Parc East Homeowners Association (HOA) saw an opportunity to take advantage of the current market for wireless real estate assets and sell the cell site to generate cash reserves to fund capital improvements. The TowerPoint team was informative, patient, and had great communication throughout the entire process until the closing. It was a pleasure to work with TowerPoint on this opportunity, and I highly recommend this firm to any other cell site owner seeking to monetize their lease.” 

Amir Greene
Parc East Condominiums