Executive Summary:

ASC Trucking, a small business in Louisiana, owned a property which included a cell tower that had stopped generating income for the trucking firm. Working with TowerPoint, ASC was able to use the lump sum payment received from selling its wireless real estate asset to reduce debt and grow and scale its business.


While ASC Trucking was interested in selling the cell tower, the property’s first mortgage was with the trucking firm’s bank and a second mortgage had been owner-financed.

The TowerPoint Solution:

TowerPoint negotiated a reasonable contract for the trucking firm, the bank and the private owner. In addition to purchasing the cell tower, TowerPoint negotiated a Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment (SNDA) agreement among all the parties. This allowed for use of the land for purposes other than what is settled upon in the original agreement.


The transaction allowed the bank and ASC Trucking to strengthen their relationship with the bank for current and future transactions; and the owner financier received a cash payout. ASC Trucking used the cell tower proceeds to purchase a newer truck to grow and scale the business.

“TowerPoint was phenomenal. They went above and beyond. Our salesman Kenny, well, his word was his truth.” – ASC Trucking