Landlord Partner Testimonials

We were really unsure what the future held for the cell tower leases or the technology.Just months prior to making this decision a few of our towers were decommissioned and we lost a  significant amount of revenue.  We are in the business of operating real estate. When looking at the value of the cell towers, we determined the best course of action was to monetize now and  take a chance that we made the best decision for the asset in the future. We had one other company contact us, but they were very inflexible and did not want to negotiate—it was their terms or nothing. That’s not how we do business.

I would say competitive monetary value was a big factor, followed by revenue sharing and site  management. The risk of industry consolidation was happening with our existing  towers, just months before deciding to monetize our leases.  Again, we were new to the business  of cell tower lease monetization and we simply did not want to continue to assume any additional  risk on the revenue streams. We had a few speed bumps on this transaction only because of the  complicated debt structure behind the property itself, but everyone at TowerPoint really  understood how to get around those issues. We were really happy the relationship could  continue beyond just the existing transaction and that there would be a structure in place allowing for professional management of the wireless real estate. As we continue to grow our portfolio, we like to think we have a strategic partner that we will continue to integrate into our ongoing operations. We look forward to a  continued relationship with your TowerPoint.

Michael A.Property ManagerNorth Eastern, US

We collectively killed a lot of trees documenting our cell lease sale transaction at Bonita View Office Plaza. But everyone stayed focused on the objective and got the job done! As an ex-attorney (I went through the 12 Step Recovery Program), I always appreciate it when attorney’s don’t “over-lawyer” the transaction. Jesse, kudos to your crew on a job well done.

Jeffrey D. PhairPrincipalThe Phair Company

I am happy to provide a testimonial. In terms of benefits, I and several others recently joined the Board of Directors of our 63 unit condominium association. For many years, prior Boards had deferred maintenance and investment in the property. Consequently, we were challenged with much work to get done, and little in the way of funds to accomplish this. Accelerating the income from our three cellular leases provided us with the cash to catch up on maintenance of the property, invest in infrastructure and return the building and grounds to first class status. Another benefit was the reduction of risk to the Association by being able to receive this cash now instead of over the next ten to twenty years. The transaction itself went much more smoothly than I could have imagined. Prior to retiring, I was in charge of real estate for a major Fortune 500 company in which capacity I handled thousands of leases and dozens of sale and refinancing transactions. Very few of those were as easy from start to finish as was working with TowerPoint. I attribute this to the professional approach of Jody Glover and the rest of the TowerPoint team. While not every cellular landlord is a candidate for a transaction such as this, I would encourage those who have need of cash in the near term to consider TowerPoint as a potential solution.

Rick WoodSiesta Towers Condominiums

I want to thank you and your entire TowerPoint team for the recent purchase of my Cricket lease last month. Everyone on your team and back office kept us informed and very involved throughout the entire process. It was impressive how quickly the finishing touches were. Your team is one of the most straightforward, authentic and professional groups that I’ve dealt with in some time.

Pat LucianiPAVEL Corp.

It has been our pleasure to work with TowerPoint Capital (TowerPoint) for the recent sale of our easement interest. We appreciate the attention to detail during our transaction, and high level of professionalism displayed by the entire deal team. This opportunity has provided MTC a chance to utilize our wireless assets in order to establish much-needed working capital reserves. We appreciate TowerPoint providing the opportunity to participate in this alternative source of capital. The entire process was quick, straightforward and proficient. The reliability of TowerPoint, its ability to fund our transaction, and the professional deal team, made this a great experience for us. We would recommend TowerPoint Capital to any landlord seeking an opportunity to provide liquidity to their organization.

Ryan RiletteProducing DirectorMarian Theater Company

Throughout the process of monetizing our wireless rooftop lease TowerPoint demonstrated a level of sophistication required by active real estate investors. TowerPoint was able to provide a flexible solution to meet both our financial and structural goals. The TowerPoint deal team was a pleasure to work with andexecute d the trade in transparent an expeditious manner. I would definitely recommend anyone with a wireless site lease on their property investigate what TowerPoint has to offer. We look forward to working with TowerPoint on marketing our rooftops to new wireless tenants and creating future monetization opportunities.

T. Douglas GillandPrincipalJCT II, LP

As the managing member of Phoenix Hotel Properties, I’d like to extend my commendation to TowerPoint Capital (TowerPoint) for their cellular lease monetization program. This concept confronted us with a great deal of questions and their knowledge of the real estate industry served invaluable to the transaction. I remained in close contact with your TowerPoint team throughout the due diligence process. My fellow colleagues and I were extremely satisfied with their professionalism and prompt response time to our questions from our lender and outside parties. If there is ever another opportunity to work with the TowerPoint team again, l’d look forward to it. Again, thank you for a job well done.

Divyesh PatelManaging MemberHoliday Inn Phoenix Downtown North

Centerline Park Towers is happy to report our appreciation for the assistance and guidance of TowerPoint Capital through the Easement Purchase Agreement that We executed and closed in March of this year. We were able to use the additional capital to renovate our apartment community. Our current residents are very pleased with the upgrades and improvements that this transaction helped to facilitate. Because our apartment community is federally subsidized, we had to request and receive approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The TowerPoint Capital Staff was proactive, responsive, and attentive at all levels in walking through HUD process with us. Thanks to the knowledgeable and practical staff at TowerPoint, Centerline Park Towers now has an approved and executed HUD Easement Purchase Agreement that contains all the necessary HUD requirements and language for future transactions. Centerline Park Towers is delighted with our choice to partner with TowerPoint Capital to capitalize on our cellular lease revenue stream. We would highly recommend that any organization looking to address their capital needs strongly consider partnering with CCO as well. Their experience, dedication and transparent process made CCO a pleasure to do business with.

T. Van FoxPresidentCenterline Park Towers (Senior Community)

As you know already, in March 2012 I had the pleasure of assigning my Verizon cell tower lease to TowerPoint Capital (TowerPoint). By doing so, this allowed me an opportunity to use these advanced sums to pay down my outstanding principal balance on my mortgage loan on my commercial property. Although my commercial property’s lender was extremely difficult and slow to work with, I can say wholeheartedly that my experience in dealing directly with Jesse Wellner of TowerPoint, as well as TowerPoint’s senior attorney, Jon Lober, was one of the smoothest transactions and negotiations that I have experienced. The entire TowerPoint team seemed well versed, competent, and nearly flawless. I would highly recommend TowerPoint to any future cell tower lease owner without hesitation.

Emilio M. JustoMD & Medical DirectorArizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for their excellent work in completing the wireless easement transaction on which we partnered and closed with you last month. From my initial communications with you and Jody Glover through due diligence and the closing process, everyone acted in a professional manner and was pleasant to work with. Your Senior Counsel, Jon Lober was particularly helpful in working with our lender’s counsel to obtain the required approvals. It is my pleasure to recommend TowerPoint Capital to assist stakeholders in cellular sites to monetize their interests in a very timely fashion. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the near future.

William D. KeoghPresident and CEOBrightstar Golf Group, LLC

733 GLENDALE, LLC was pleased with the recent wireless easement transaction that we closed with TowerPoint Capital (TowerPoint). Everything associated with the closing went very smoothly. Taking advantage of the ability to leverage this asset now with a lump sum payment, was a good decision for us. It has provided us with the ability to make capital improvement to our properties now rather than later. We recommend this lump sum opportunity and TowerPoint Capital to other wireless lease landlords.

Hank RandolphManaging Member733 Glendale, LLC.

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First of all, thank you for all of your assistance in the sale of our cell tower lease. I have worked with many companies and managers in my banking career, and the experience with TowerPoint has been stellar, from start to finish.

I have appreciated your patience, integrity, prompt replies to any and all questions that I had, and the management of a smooth closing process.

Over the years, we have been besieged with phone calls and letters from potential purchasers and it is quite aggravating. Michael, you were different though – you started a conversation several years ago with us and would check in from time to time to say hello and to see if anything had changed in our situation that might lend itself to a sale.

I will wholeheartedly recommend TowerPoint to anyone considering a sale of a cell tower lease.

A class act.

Joan and Paul DavisPort Orchard, Washington

I am very pleased with my transaction by TowerPoint Capital. The entire process was quick, straightforward, and proficient. From start to finish, our Director of Acquisitions stayed in contact with us on a weekly basis and diligently worked with our attorney to keep the closing in a good time frame. The legal team at TowerPoint turned red lines around quickly and even with a ROFR on our property, it was still handled very efficiently. The professionalism and industry knowledge exuded by the TowerPoint team were unmatched. I would definitely recommend TowerPoint Capital to other landlords.


We are very pleased with our transaction by TowerPoint Capital. From start to finish, it only took 42 days for the deal to close which was very impressive due to the fact we had 5 different signatories on the agreement. In addition to the quick transaction, David Gulley, our Director of Acquisitions, was very patient and helpful guiding us through this complicated process. Due to our professional and efficient experience with TowerPoint, I would definitely recommend TowerPoint Capital to other landlords. Thank you again to David and TowerPoint Capital!

James & Elizabeth S.Property OwnerCalifornia

I felt safer and better about getting things done with TowerPoint; exceptional, they really were.

William & Shirlee H.Property OwnerCalifornia

With existing debt and the plan to buy a new home in the next couple of years, my husband and I were searching for a way to increase our earnings. Extractive value from our wireless real estate in Jamestown, Kentucky just made sense. With all of the tax details and concerns about future higher interest rates, we needed help with the process. We worked with David, at TowerPoint Capital and found that everything was so much easier (and faster) than we thought possible.

David took the time to explain more about cell sites and wireless real estate in general, which was actually very interesting. Plus, with his high level of knowledge and professionalism, we were confident in assigning our lease. I look forward to our partnership with TowerPoint and can’t wait to see what the firm offers in the future.

Sherry S.Jamestown, KY

Although I received numerous offers from competing companies, in the end, I put my trust in the professionalism and integrity exhibited by TowerPoint Capital. Not only did they structure the deal in a way that was superior to that of their competitors, but it kept the door open for the possibility of future revenue sharing to the mutual benefit of the stakeholders.. They provided me with valuable information about the wireless industry that helped me make an informed decision. I firmly believe this arrangement will allow me to pass my asset along to my son someday. I tell friends that I outsourced management of my wireless real estate to a professional organization that could manage my asset far better than I ever could.

Chester H.Montrose, WV

Dealing with David and Brad at TowerPoint, I’m talking to experienced decision makers with the facts at their fingertips and a straight line to people who can answer the questions that they can’t answer off the top of their heads.  You have no idea how refreshing this is.”

Robert and Diane McMicken

I had a very positive experience working with your company regarding the wireless easement transaction that was closed on August 16th 2012. Your people were very informative and answered all my questions. They were very responsive to any inquiries I had and were very polite and upfront with me regarding our transaction. Any wrinkles we had were worked out to both our satisfaction. I would not hesitate to work with you again if the occasion arose.

Stephen J. Parsons

As you know, we partnered and closed the transaction for the wireless easement with TowerPoint Capital in October of 2012. I would like to now offer this letter of commendation for the transaction in which we were involved. The entire TowerPoint deal team was a delight to work with every step of the way. As an attorney, I tend to scrutinize language and obsess on details, and yet your dedicated legal team was more than patient and accommodating in accomplishing my myriad of demands. In addition to that, the Acquisitions Associate’s personable professionalism and authenticity is what drove my partner and me to the finish line. I would without hesitation recommend your company to any potential land owner with the ability to monetize their wireless easement, and we are looking forward to the possibility of adding yet an additional tenant which will also render further rental fees in our direction. I am pleased with the decision to monetize my lease, as well as my choice in TowerPoint Capital. Their knowledge and expertise made this process a pleasure. Feel free to have any future clients call me directly regarding concerns they may have with their transaction and I will happily describe my experiences with TowerPoint.

Scott E Schwimer & Michael H Epstein

I am writing to express my gratitude to TowerPoint Capital.They recently purchased my cell tower lease with U S Cellular. The lump sum transaction helped me to pay down my home mortgage and refinance the balance at a very low interest rate. It would have taken years for me to acquire the amount of money I did from the lump sum transaction. I have never once questioned whether I made the right move with TowerPoint. Who knows what the future holds especially since the cell company is allowed to discontinue their lease at any time. The technology regarding the cell phone industry could change sometime soon and no longer utilize cell towers. TowerPoint has also offered a good percentage of monthly income with any new providers they may acquire with this cell tower. All and all it was a win / win situation in my opinion. TowerPoint was very easy and accommodating to work with through the whole process. It was obvious that TowerPoint has handled many transactions like mine, and I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone. They put very little burden on myself, and handled the whole process right from the start.

Monty Hays

Our recent experience with your company, as we closed the Wireless Easement Transaction referenced above, was a very positive one. The deal team was professional, responsive and courteous. During the entire closing process we were kept informed in a timely, direct and succinct manner; making the entire process pleasant for us. We had a unique situation requiring a critical timetable to consummate the transaction. TowerPoint Capital did everything necessary to meet that deadline and accommodate our needs. We would recommend TowerPoint Capital to anyone.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rogers

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The purpose of this letter is to express our appreciation for your professionalism in working with us to complete the conveyance of wireless lease assets owned by the City of Youngstown to TowerPoint Capital.

The transaction has allowed the City to realize significant present day value on our wireless leases. It has also served as a welcomed alternative to some of the more traditional sources Municipalities often use for raising capital, which can be complicated, time consuming, and require a significant commitment of collateral.

The overall process was quick, efficient and easy. The deal team displayed a high level of competence and TowerPoint Capital funded the deal with any delays.

I extend my gratitude to TowerPoint Capital, and I would like to thank you personally for your integrity and ability to understand our needs and goals.

Mayor Jay WilliamsCity of Youngstown, Ohio

Over the past five years, we have been contacted by several investors like yourselves and had offers from two.  Their contracts were long and complex and, as expected, tilted in every way towards their interests.  We rejected both.  Refreshingly, we found our dealings with Tower Point Capital to be straightforward and  honest.  As a public agency, we have many cumbersome requirements that the private sector does not.  Consequently, as issues arose, we were able to meet  common ground and ultimately signed a contract.  We thank all involved for making this a successful and mutually beneficial transaction.

As a side note, we will be using a good portion of the proceeds to put up a solar array at our community center/swimming pool complex in Auburn.  We expect our energy savings to be almost seven figures in 20 years.  Without the sale of the easement, the District would not have had the funds to embark on such a project.

Joseph FeckoAdministrative Services ManagerAuburn, CA

The purpose of this letter is to express our appreciation for your professionalism in working with us to complete the conveyance of wireless lease assets owned by Plum Borough Municipal Authority to TowerPoint Capital. The transaction has allowed the Authority to realize significant present day value on our wireless leases. It has also served OJ’S a welcomed alternative to some of the more traditional sources Municipalities often use for raising capital, which can be complicated, time consuming, and require a significant commitment of collateral.

The overall process was quick, efficient and easy. The deal team displayed a high level of competence and TowerPoint Capital funded the deal without any delays.

I extend my gratitude to TowerPoint Capital, and I would like to thank your team for your integrity and ability to understand our needs and goals.

Howard Theis, ManagerPlum Borough Municipal Authority, PA

On behalf of the Village, I’d like to extend our gratitude to the TowerPoint team for their professional conduct in seeing this transaction to fruition. After unsuccessful attempts to sell to other lease buyout firms, they approached the Village with vetted background information of lease monetization firms and a recommendation on which firm to solicit.

Because of their reputation, we trusted their advice and were completely satisfied with the outcome. TowerPoint demonstrated and provided unmatched flexibility in structuring our transaction. TowerPoint demonstrated a unique understanding of the highly specific needs of the purchase price, particularly those on the Municipal side.

The TowerPoint team was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and executing quickly and competently etc. etc. etc… The Village highly recommends the TowerPoint team to any municipality exploring a monetization of wireless lease assets.

Mayor Ronald M. SerpicoVillage of Melrose park, IL

On behalf of the City of Irondale, I’ d like to extend our gratitude to TowerPoint Capital (TowerPoint) for their cellular lease monetization program. Their professional conduct and ability to understand unique requirements inherent in any municipal sale assisted in seeing this transaction to fruition. The TowerPoint team worked to create an excellent result; they understood both the nature of these esoteric assets and how it relates to traditional real estate.

As a public entity, the City has a responsibility to our constituents to make decisions for the collective benefit of the community. As such, partnering with private firms that uphold these philosophical goals were carefully analyzed and vetted within the TowerPoint team. It was evident they were the best firm to engage. I would highly recommend any municipality evaluating a monetization ofwireless lease assets to give TowerPoint a call.

Mayor Tommy AlexanderCity of Irondale, AL

The City of Grambling was extremely pleased with the recent wireless easement purchase of our wireless AT&T lease asset. When we seized the opportunity to receive this capital infusion into our operating budget, The City of Grambling was able to realize and use the value of this asset immediately.

We truly appreciate TowerPoint Capital Acquisitions Associate, Linda Rodgers, and the Deal team for the fast and straight forward efficiency of the transaction. The dependability of TowerPoint Capital, the immediate disbursement of funds at our closing, and the professionalism of the staff made this a perfect choice for The City of Grambling. We would recommend TowerPoint Capital to any City or Municipality looking to take advantage of the opportunity to realize the value of their wireless asset immediately.

Mayor Edward R. JonesCity of Grambling, LA

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When we were approached by multiple companies offering buyouts for our two cell site leases, TowerPoint Capital stood out because they offered a long term
partnership. Through their professional site management, TowerPoint Capital successfully negotiated my tenant’s request for an upgrade and alleviated the
pressures of managing our site. The tenant wanted to run fiber to the cell site with very minimal compensation through a one-sided lease amendment. Because of our partnership with TowerPoint Capital, our Director of Acquisitions identified the situation as an opportunity to generate additional revenue appropriately and took into account the inconvenience the install would make on my property. Once the deal was drawn up, I was able to utilize TowerPoint’s legal team to review the final amendment prior to me executing the deal.

Thank you TowerPoint for successfully managing my cell site and truly providing ‘a more profitable partnership’!

Rev. Guillermo PuppoInternational Church of The Foursquare Gospel

I am very excited about our Partnership with TowerPoint! We had several other companies bidding on my site when TowerPoint contacted us and unlike the other companies that tried to low-ball us and add confusing language to documents, the efficiency and site management TowerPoint provided is what truly set them above the rest. Our tenant wanted to install a fiber upgrade on our cell site for only a small rent increase. Because of our partnership with TowerPoint, our Director of Acquisitions finalized the fiber upgrade which ensured the long term viability of the tower and increased the value of our cell site. Professional site management from TowerPoint alleviated the pressure of us managing our site and now we can rest assure that we have someone in the industry representing us. Thanks very much to the entire TowerPoint staff for such an efficient process that you have in place, it was a pleasure.

Pastor Kaj MartinLiving Way Foursquare Church

I really appreciate the work of TowerPoint Capital who assisted us with the wireless easement transaction. From my perspective all of the paperwork flowed well. I commend your organization for their diligence. Since the property was in the name of our district corporation but those who manage the property is a local church, this can cause some difficulty in communications and getting everything finalized, But everything was handled well with no problems incurred by the district or the local church. The funds received came at a great time as the church needed to finalize some remodeling.

Dr. Stephen BabbyDistrict SuperintendentPacific Southwest District of the Wesleyan Church

Lawrence Technological University would like to thank TowerPoint Capital for partnering with us on the Wireless Easement that closed today January 17, 2013. This was a huge benefit to our University. This unrestricted lump sum payment helps both our financial statements and our ability to fund capital projects on campus.

While we were unfamiliar with the extensive closing process, your entire deal team did a great job of walking us through it in a straight forward and timely fashion. Brian Dodge, Senior Acquisition Associate, was especially helpful in keeping us informed at every turn and always available to answer any questions. It could not have gone any smoother.

We are pleased with the decision to sell our lease for a 50 year term. TowerPoint Capital was the right choice for us and would recommend them to anyone considering the same.

Linda L. HeightVP Finance & AdministrationLawrence Technological University

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About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint's leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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