TowerPoint’s complimentary 360° Site Valuation is the industry’s most in-depth and comprehensive wireless real estate analysis tool designed to help you better understand the value of your cell site location.

Different wireless properties can present a diverse set of opportunities as well as challenges. The first step in discovering more about your cell site is our 360° site valuation. The TowerPoint 360° is a comprehensive review of five key attributes of a wireless property.

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    1. “Location”

    The first rule of real estate is Location, Location, Location. This rule is the same for wireless property. The closer a cell site is to critical infrastructure and large population centers the more profitable it is for the carrier tenants and tower co’s. These attributes make the site less likely to relocate

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    2. “Tenant Credit”

    A tenant with the size and financial strength worthy of being rated investment grade by one of three major credit agencies: Fitch, Moody’s, or Standard & Poor’s. An investment grade rating is seen as a good sign that the tenant will be able to pay rent, even in economic downturns or specific market slumps.

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    3. “Lease Terms - Risk/Reward Assessment”

    How positive or negative are the terms of your existing lease agreement?

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    4. “Site Marketability” – Future Revenue Potential

    The lease up potential of a cell site depends on a variety of factors including carrier demand/expansion activity in a market, competitive sites, and capacity of the structure and existing lease compound vs. additional ground space available.  If such potential is identified TowerPoint will structure a revenue share with you leverage our site management program to increase the probability and frequency of new revenue opportunities.

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    5. “Site Risk/Reward Assessment”

    The density of competing sites provides carrier tenants with portability options resulting in a higher risk of termination due to consolidation, technological overlap and general cost cutting. Fewer competing sites and difficult zoning requirements can add to a wireless properties value and security.

The process starts with a brief interview. A TowerPoint Director of Acquisitions will gather some basic information from you, as well as a copy of your lease and proof of rent payments.

While there is absolutely no obligation, this rigorous assessment enables us to design a customized lease purchase solution that works for you and your site.

It’s time to discover the full value of your cellular site.

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About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint's leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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