Professional Site Management

A cornerstone of your “more profitable partnership” with TowerPoint is site marketing.

As part of your Complimentary Valuation, we will provide a detailed and candid assessment of the future lease value of your cellular site. If true lease up potential is identified, TowerPoint will structure a revenue share with you and register your site with (our exclusive marketing portal).

By leveraging our internal analysis of your cellular site and the expertise of our corporate partners, we can maximize your lease up potential and work towards developing new revenue opportunities. See below to learn more about registering your site.

Rooftop and Alternative Structure Owners

Commercial office buildings. Multifamily and retail developments. Hotels. Warehouses. Water tanks. Grain silos. Smoke stacks. Church steeples. These structures are often utilized by wireless carriers for their unique and beneficial characteristics in broadcasting a wireless signal. TowerPoint’s marketing experts will assess your site to determine future lease up potential.

REGISTER your Cell Site


Landowners currently leasing space on their land for a cell tower may also have an opportunity for future revenue growth. Contact TowerPoint today to find out whether the land around your tower could be a candidate for lease up by wireless carriers.

REGISTER your Cell Site

TowerPoint grows its business through two primary channels that create substantial value for our landlord partners:


TowerPoint provides financial options for cell site landlords with cell tower locations and or rooftop cell sites, including lump sum lease purchase and structured installment payouts using an easement or master lease.

Site Management

The TowerPoint partnership provides no cost site management services for rooftop cell sites and cell tower ground lease locations. We structure equitable revenue sharing agreements to create better alignment between ourselves and our landlord partners. Many wireless properties are underutilized and mismanaged costing Landlords significant opportunities for upside. TowerPoint’s expertise ensures that these opportunities are capitalized on.

About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint’s leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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