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Have a question about TowerPoint or cellular lease buyouts in general? Try looking through our FAQ’s.

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    What is a cell site?

    A cell site is a cellular telephone site where antennas and electronic communications equipment have been installed, usually on a radio mast, tower, or other high place. This structure, sometimes called a “cell tower”, serves as part of a cellular network.
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    What are common structures used for cell sites?

    Cell towers, flagpoles, rooftops, water tanks, smoke stacks, grain silos, among others.
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    Why do cell site owners like me choose to sell their ground lease?

    There are many specific reasons why cell site owners choose to sell their leases, but the primary reason is opportunity. The opportunity to take a lump sum of cash today that you can use however you wish. The opportunity to trade short-term risk for long-term security.
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    Why might TowerPoint want to purchase my ground lease?

    TowerPoint believes that, by building large portfolios of cell site leases with diverse characteristics, we can pool our risk and manage losses better than individual cell site owners.
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    Will selling my ground lease affect the ownership of my property and my ability to sell my property in the future?

    TowerPoint is ultra-sensitive to the concerns of our landlord partners, particularly when it comes to their real property ownership. Rest assured that our transaction allows you to maintain 100% ownership of your property, and your ability to sell will never be affected.
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    Why might it be beneficial to get a lump sum today instead of keeping my current lease payments over time?

    Due to the Time Value of Money (TVM), money can work harder for you when received as a large sum of cash now, rather than payments trickling in over time. Cash in hand today can rise substantially in value due to interest accrual and inflationary factors. This is why most lottery winners take the lump-sum option, instead of spreading their winnings over yearly installments.
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    Who pays closing costs?

    TowerPoint will cover all closing costs related to the transaction (excluding recording fees and transfer taxes in certain states). Contact us today to get more details.
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    Is selling my lease a long process?

    That depends, many firms claim they can market sites and add additional tenants. These claims can be misleading and difficult to substantiate. TowerPoint views the marketing of wireless real estate as a part of active Professional Site Management and starts with structuring an agreement that creates an alignment of incentives with the landlord. Different wireless properties and installations can present a diverse set of opportunities as well as challenges when it comes to driving new revenue. The first step in discovering more about your cell site is our 360° valuation. The TowerPoint 360 is a comprehensive review of five key attributes of a wireless property that will help you and us better understand both the upside and possible risks/limitations of your wireless real estate.

    Many firms claim they can market sites

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    What are the tax consequences of selling my lease?

    The tax treatment can be highly favorable to you. However, as with many tax questions, the answer is “it depends.” Typically, our transaction will qualify as a long-term capital gain and be taxed at a substantially lower rate than ordinary income. Taxes may be deferred entirely through the use of a 1031 Exchange if you are purchasing another investment property. You should consult with a tax advisor for a determination specific to your transaction.
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    Can I qualify for a 1031 tax deferred exchange?

    TowerPoint has been involved in many transactions where landlords have successfully executed a 1031 Exchange. We can refer you to a qualified intermediary with experience working on 1031 Exchanges involving long-term telecommunications easements (
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    What is TowerPoint’s financial capability?

    TowerPoint Capital is proud to be the only leading institutional investor in wireless real estate, wholly owned by the firm’s senior management team This unique corporate structure empowers TowerPoint to make serving our landlord and corporate partners our primary focus. Our firm has a rich history of partnering with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and continues to be one of the best capitalized investors in the industry. We are pleased to have the support of AllianceBernstein Private Credit Investors, the private corporate credit investment platform of AllianceBernstein L.P, a leading asset manager with approximately $480 billion in assets under management. AllianceBernstein Private Credit Investors offers TowerPoint Capital significant industry knowledge, capital resources, and dependable execution.
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About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint's leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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