Cell Tower Attorney

A cell tower lease agreement can look pretty daunting. Carriers have an entire legal team that helps them prepare for negotiations, so why put yourself at a disadvantage? Here are some reasons to consider hiring a cell tower attorney when leasing your property to a carrier. Remember, it is important to find an attorney familiar with cell tower leases and who is experienced in negotiation.

Why You Need an Attorney

It’s always a good idea to have a lawyer review a legally binding agreement before signing it. This is common business practice. Cell tower leasing involves an exchange of money, often tens of thousands of dollars; any contract worth that much deserves some extra oversight. Plus, having someone else looking out for your interests during the negotiation process will make any carrier think twice before trying to take advantage of you.

Finding the Right Attorney

It is important to find a cell tower attorney that is truly knowledgeable. Not all cell tower attorneys are created equal. Some may not have a lot of experience, or maybe they don’t have a good track record. Whatever legal representation you choose should have a history of working in the industry and lots of satisfied clients. Just hiring the first attorney in the phone book is almost as bad as no attorney at all. The right lawyer will know how to deal with a carrier and get the best deal for you.

Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Attorney

A cell tower attorney without experience in the industry might not know what to pay attention to in a legal document. They may have your best interests at heart, but if they don’t know how to value your property or work with a carrier, then they could possibly harm your chances of reaching a beneficial agreement. The last thing you want is to end up with a cell tower lease you can’t alter that holds you back in 10 years instead of providing you with positive extra income.

Not quite sure who to trust? Let TowerPoint recommend an attorney for you. We have decades of experience, and know the best cell tower attorneys in the business who will work to make sure you get a truly great lease. The attorneys we work with are skilled legal experts, knowledgeable about the industry and trusted by us and other clients. Get in touch with TowerPoint today about your legal matters and be sure to ask about our free cell site evaluation.


Cell Tower Attorney

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