How TowerPoint Can Partner with You

TowerPoint grows its business through two primary channels that create substantial value for our landlord partners:


TowerPoint provides financial options for cell site landlords with cell tower locations and or rooftop cell sites, including lump sum lease purchase and structured installment payouts using an easement or master lease.

Site Management

The TowerPoint partnership provides no cost site management services for rooftop cell sites and cell tower ground lease locations. We structure equitable revenue sharing agreements to create better alignment between ourselves and our landlord partners. Many wireless properties are underutilized and mismanaged costing Landlords significant opportunities for upside. TowerPoint’s expertise ensures that these opportunities are capitalized on.

Our Simple 3-step Process:

Complimentary Interview and 360°Site Valuation:
TowerPoint conducts a proprietary analysis, utilizing five key metrics, to assess the true value of your cellular site.
A TowerPoint Director of Acquisitions will walk you through the results of the valuation. If we determine that your cellular site presents a valuable opportunity, we’ll work with you to customize a lease purchase solution that meets your specific needs.
Closing and Funding:
Our team of best-in-class closing professionals has deep experience in a wide array of transactions of varying sizes and complexity. Speed to close is our goal — our transactions typically fund within 30-45 days — but never at the expense of quality execution. Our process is pressure-free, and we only move forward when you feel comfortable. In addition, TowerPoint covers all transaction-related closing costs (excluding recording fees and transfer taxes in certain states).

Once the transaction closes, your partnership with TowerPoint officially begins! Visit our Site Marketing page to see our full Scope of Services and learn how TowerPoint builds value for our partners long after the contract is signed.

GET STARTED with your Complimentary

About TowerPoint Capital:

TowerPoint Capital is a leading institutional investor in and manager of wireless real estate across the United States. Since 2007, we have created long-term value for our landlord and corporate partners by emphasizing the company’s core values — Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, Partnership. TowerPoint's leadership team possesses fifty years of combined experience, having invested in (or financed) over $1 billion in telecommunications infrastructure and real estate-related assets. TowerPoint is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices around the US.

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