Cell Phone Towers

Not all cell phone towers look the same. If you have a location that would make a great cell site, there are a number of options for building a tower there. Sometimes, the framework for it already exists, such as a rooftop, church steeple or other tall structure. Even though some cities have zoning laws for them, there are still a lot of creative options for leasing your property.

Lattice Cell Tower

The lattice tower is often one of the most recognized versions of a cellular tower. This freestanding framework has 3 or sometimes 4 sides instead of being a single tall pole. It’s called a self-supporting tower (SST). They are usually made out of steel and tend to be more flexible than others. As the triangle is the strongest geometric shape, these structures are built to withstand heavier loads.

Monopole Tower

Monopole towers are the smallest of the cell phone towers. They require very little space and are rarely taller than 200 feet. However, they are a great option in places with height limits on buildings.  The monopole looks exactly how it sounds, a single tall pole with antennas attached to the top. Its base can be as small as 3 feet. These can be constructed either from metal or heavy-duty concrete.

Guyed Cell Tower

The guyed tower gets its name from the guy wire used to anchor it in the ground. While it is the cheapest cell phone tower to construct, it requires the most land. A guyed tower resembles a monopole due to its single central pole, but this tower can be much taller because of its stabilizing wires. Guyed towers need a strong foundation, so they often are built on top of concrete or secure structures like rooftops.

Concealed and Unusual Cell Towers

Towers that are camouflaged or put in unique locations are becoming more and more common. They can be placed on rooftops, steeples, water towers, chimneys and outdoor furnaces. Some companies have even created them so they look like trees. Many existing locations can easily add one of these creative solutions with little effort. Camouflaged towers can be more expensive due to their unique designs, but they are much prettier to look at.

There is a lot of financial potential in a cell tower, built from scratch or on an existing site. If you are considering a cell tower on your property, be sure to get in touch with TowerPoint. The company can help you in the lease process of your land for tower construction, or even get buyout offers if you’re already leasing your property to a phone carrier. TowerPoint has helped many people with their cell tower leases, so you can trust in their experience. The experts at TowerPoint can answer any questions you might have regarding cell phone towers. You can also submit your cell site for a free evaluation, to find out exactly how much earning potential your real estate might have.


Cell phone towers

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