Cell Phone Tower Locations

Cell phone tower locations are an integral part of our everyday lives. However, many people are not aware of the infrastructure that is required in order to communicate via these devices. One of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the different types of locations that are used to house the antennas and electrical equipment required.

Rooftop Locations

When it comes to cell phone towers locations, rooftop sites are usually one of the more favored options. These can be located on industrial parks, medical centers, apartment complexes, schools, shopping centers and hotels. In most cases, these locations are between 3 and 7 stories high. The amount of available rooftop space will also determine the amount of antennas and network carriers that can be accommodated there. It is recommended that selected rooftops not be a part of historical buildings or located in designated conservation areas.

Open Ground Locations

Although cell phone tower locations can vary greatly in size and appearance, it is usually recommended that at least 500 square feet of ground space be allocated in order to erect the tower and the accompanying base station equipment. The size of the ground required will also be dependent on the type of cell tower that is being erected there. In most cases, it is recommended that these sites be as level as possible in order to simplify the construction process.

Other Locations

In some cases, chosen locations for cell phone towers may require the tower to be disguised in order for it to blend in with the surrounding buildings or vegetation. For example, churches that have opted to have one on their property can choose to have the antennas built into a structure that looks similar to the existing church building. In areas where a cell phone tower would detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding area, the towers are often disguised as trees.

Points to Consider When Choosing Cell Tower Locations

An important factor to consider with regard to cell phone tower locations is that of topography. Even though a particular site may be one of the highest points in the area, it may not be suitable for, as it may not be in a place that the network provider considers as essential for enhancing their communication network. It is also important to remember that if the site is difficult to access, it will increase the cost of constructing the tower quite substantially.

Towerpoint will be able to determine whether your particular site is a suitable location for their cellular infrastructure. For a list of our tower locations, click here.


Cell Phone Tower Locations

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