Cell Phone Tower Lease Rates

When it comes to a cell tower lease, the first and foremost question that is normally on a land owner’s mind is, “How much can I earn from this opportunity?” When it comes to renting out a portion of your property to a cellular carrier or tower management company, there are a few important factors that will determine what kind of cell phone tower lease rates you will be able to set for your future tenants.

Cell Tower Leases And The Location of Your Property

This is one of the most important factors in determining cell phone tower lease rates. The current value of your property as well as average prices for surrounding properties will have an effect on the amount you will receive for your cell phone tower lease. Another factor that will determine how much a land owner can earn from a tower lease is the location of existing cell tower sites in proximity to your property. The amount of existing coverage in your area will also determine how much you can expect to receive. There may be zoning requirements in your area that will result in additional costs being levied as well.

Can Topography of the Site Affect your Cell Phone Tower Lease?

When it comes to determining the cell phone tower lease rates for your property, this is also an important consideration. Sites that are relatively flat with no visible obstructions which are easy to access will be of more value than those where trees or other natural obstacles are present. In many cases, the elevation level of the site is also an important factor when it comes to determining how much a cell site lease will be worth. The higher the site is, the better it will be able to serve the community and its surrounds.

Existing Infrastructure

Cell tower sites require water, power and telephone lines in order to operate. If these attributes already exist on the chosen site, this will have a positive impact on cell phone tower lease rates. The further the site is located from basic infrastructure, the lower the monthly cell tower lease rates will be. In order to erect a cell tower and render it as operational, the carrier will need to have the cell tower built. However, this will require easy access by road for the construction vehicles in order to get the materials to the site. If the road or terrain is difficult to access or the site is in an extremely remote location, land owners can expect to receive lower cell tower lease rates for their property.

Multiple Cell Phone Tower Leases and Consolidation

If you own multiple cell site locations and have several cell phone tower leases with different tenants, there are many ways you can use your position to increase the income from your cell sites. You can use the leverage of multiple cell sites to increase the rates or you can also explore the benefits of cell tower lease buyouts. Selling your existing lease to a company has many benefits and protects you from the inflation and competition.

If you are considering the option of leasing part of your property to a cell carrier or are considering the option of a lease takeover, you need to ensure that you have an industry expert on your side. You should never enter into a cell tower lease agreement without knowing the true value of your property. Towerpoint will be able to assist you by maximizing the value of your property while also obtaining the best lease terms possible for you.


Cell Phone Tower Lease Rates

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